29 nov. 2006

Visitors this week: Welcome!

Welcome Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, Australia and the UK!
Although i don't think this site will know many 1000's of visitors, I do hope this site will find its way to active citizens or likeminded persons all over the world. It is a good way to express my views and let the people know what kind of things I do for GroenLinks in Amsterdam.
That is why i was glad to welcome visitors on the site this week, from:

Vancouver, British Colombia Canada
Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada (see this great website! Or read the news about Parry Sound)
Las Vegas, Nevada, The US
Irving, Texas, The US (see also this wonderful site!)
San Miguel Canoa, Puebla, Mexico
Knotting (?), Northamptonshire, UK
Claiton North (?), Victoria, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand
Wuppertal, Germany
Tervuren, Brabant, Belgium

I hope i can return the visit someday! For example to see the "Mustangs at Las Colinas", or the sky tower at auckland!

P.s. probably i will start with the royal museum for central africa at Tervuren.

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